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My published paper

- Chanrithy, Sok (June 2013.Benefit Monitoring and Evaluation of the Voucher Skill Training Program (VSTP) Phase 1, Year 1 & 2, MLVT, STVET Project (ADB Grand-0178) - Chanrithy, SOK (March, 2013. Graduate and Employer Perspective on Impact of Certificate Level Course, MLVT, STVET Project (ADB Grand-0178) - Chanrithy, SOK; Perry, Daroesman (March, 2012. Quality Assurance System for TVET Sector in Cambodia, Asia Pacific Quality Network (APQN) Conference - Chanrithy, SOK (December, 2010). Trade Liberalization and Garment Industry in Cambodia” at the Southeast Asia Trade Policy Training Network (SEATRANET), Indonesia - Chanrithy, SOK; Chun-Hsiung, Liao (February, 2008). Measuring Tourist Satisfaction on Destination Loyal: The Case of Angkor Tourism Sites, VDM Academy Research Worldwide in Germany ( &qid=1223209230).

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